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Sound data - voice navigation pack

The each voice navigation voice pack is defined in a separate configuration file. Configuration file is located in this game data folder:


The file can be named arbitrarily but good convention is "language_actor".sii

File is very simply unit with this attributes:


Name Type Default Value Description
pack_name string Name of the pack (shown in the game). Format Language - Actor name (e.g. English - Skye (UK))
pack_dir string Name of the folder with sound files. (e.g. pack_dir: "/sound/navigation/english_skye_uk")

Good practice is use the same name for the configuration unity file and for the folder with sound data.

Sound data folder

Files in the folder are in the ogg format (with .ogg extension). Content of the file is determined by file name prefix (see next table). Files with the same prefix are used for the same command and their usage is randomized. (We strongly recommend using only one file commands. Randomization of this is very unintuitive.)

File prefix Command Remark
and_then_exit_left "... and then exit left" The second part of the compund command.
and_then_exit_right "... and then exit right" The second part of the compund command.