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Mover model group is a new mover definition unit. Idea of this new unit is to have a system which can easily combine compabible models and animations. The main use is for characters to remove the need of definition for every combination of models and animations. Moreover these mover groups can use props in separate models and easily "skin" them to specific bones.

The whole system consists of four units:

Mover desc

Unit mover_desc represents model and it's data. It is located in /base/def/world/mover_desc.sii.

mover_desc : mover_desc.worker_3 {
    model_desc: "/model/mover/characters/new_generation/new/models/man/worker_vest/worker_vest_nemiro_lod0.pmd"

    lods[0]: "/model/mover/characters/new_generation/new/models/man/worker_vest/worker_vest_nemiro_lod1.pmd"
    lods[1]: "/model/mover/characters/new_generation/new/models/man/worker_vest/worker_vest_nemiro_lod2.pmd"
    lods[2]: "/model/mover/characters/new_generation/new/models/man/worker_vest/worker_vest_lod3.pmd"
    lod_distances[0]: 10
    lod_distances[1]: 30
    lod_distances[2]: 90

    group_tags[]: human
    group_tags[]: man
    group_tags[]: cauca
    group_tags[]: worker


  • model_desc Model descriptor.
  • model_coll Model collision.
  • lods Model lod descriptors.
  • lod_distances Lod distances.
  • group_tags Group tags. More about it in mover_model_group section.

Mover anim

Unit mover_anim represents animation and its data. It is located in /base/def/world/mover_anim.sii.

mover_anim : mover_anim.sweeper {
    model_anim: "/model/mover/characters/new_generation/animations/universal/sweeping_anim.pma"

    group_tags[]: human
    group_tags[]: man
    group_tags[]: sweeper

    props[]: mover_props.sweeper.broom


  • model_anim Animation descriptor.
  • group_tags Group tags. More about it in mover_model_group section.
  • props Array of link pointers to animation props.

Mover anim props

Unit mover_anim_props represents animation props and its settings. It is located in /base/def/world/mover_anim_props.sii.

mover_anim_props : mover_props.sweeper.broom {
    model: "/model/mover/characters/new_generation/models/props/independent/broom.pmd"
    bone_a: lefthand
    bone_b:	righthand
    bone_offset_a: (0.03, 0.08, 0)
    bone_offset_b: (-0.2, 0.16, -0.15)
    model_offset: (0.0, 0.0, -0.67)
    model_rotation: (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)


  • bone_a First bone to "skin" prefix.
  • bone_b Second bone to "skin" prefix.
  • bone_offset_a Skin offset for the first bone.
  • bone_offset_b Skin offset for the second bone.
  • model Props model descriptor.
  • model_animation Props model animation.
  • sync_animation Force time synchronization between props animation and mover animation.
  • model_offset Props placement offset.
  • model_rotation Props placement rotation.

How does it work?

Props is rendered and placed as separate model. Using bone A and bone B we can attach the props to the mover skeleton. There are three possible setups.

1) No bones are set.
Props is placed to the mover origin plus model_offset and with zero rotation plus model_rotation.
For example a bucket on the ground.
2) Bone A is set only.
Props is placed to the bone A placement plus bone_offset_a plus model_offset with bone A rotation plus model_rotation.
For example a sponge in one hand.
3) Bone A and bone B are set.
Props is placed to the bone A placement plus bone_offset_a plus model_offset with rotation given by direction vector (from bone B placement plus bone_offset_b to bone A placement plus bone_offset_a) plus model_rotation
For example a broom in both hands.

Mover model group

Unit mover_model_group represents all valid combinations between specified mover desc and mover anim. It is located in /base/def/world/ But it can placed in any mover def file.

mover_model_group: mover.work_sw_all {
    mover_name: "worker sweeper all"

    desc_tags[]: man
    desc_tags[]: worker
    anim_tags[]: man
    anim_tags[]: sweeper


  • desc_tags Mover desc tags.
  • anim_tags Mover anim tags.
  • country_specific If true then only mover desc containing country tag given by mover placement will be generated.

How does it work?

When the unit is loaded, it collects all mover desc containing all tags from the desc_tags property and all mover anim containing all tags from the anim_tags property. When the mover is generated, it randomly chooses one of the collected mover desc and then it tries to choose one of the collected mover anim which use the same skeleton as the choosen mover desc model.

This is important because sometimes you want to have group containing models with different skeletons and animations with different skeletons. But you want only valid model-anim combinations. For example group of walking men and women where men use different skeleton than women.


Because engine ensures that only valid model-anim combinations will be created, it may seem that animation tags should contain only tags describing the animation activity. But because the model-anim combinations are choosen in the moment of mover generation, we want to limit the combination pool as much as possible. Because of that mover anim tags should contain (apart from the activity itself) tags describing compatible mover desc. In mover_anim the example above these tags are human and man. And in the related mover group use these tags in anim_tags. In the example it is the tag man.