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User tutorial template (divided to parts)
Simple cube box in world.jpg
Topic: Models
Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard
Tools: SCS Blender Tools

Conversion Tools

While creating new user tutorials, you will have to follow this template and it's sub pages.

The page you are currently looking at, is main page of tutorial, where you will put links to the each part of your tutorial. It is recommended to strip tutorials in enclosed parts for showing possible isolated step, example tutorial on making truck paintjob:

  1. How to make a template of the truck
  2. How use template in Gimp/PS
  3. How to configure new paintjob for your truck

However if you think you don't have ability to split tutorial in more parts. Then check out single page template: here.

So instead of this gibberish about how to make tutorial you should put here description about your tutorial, what it is, what it does, when you need it. Then the description has to be followed by list of tutorial parts like shown below.

1. First part of tutorial

2. Second part of tutorial

3. Third part of tutorial