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User tutorial template
Simple cube box in world.jpg
Topic: Models
Difficulty: Easy/Medium/Hard
Tools: SCS Blender Tools

Conversion Tools

While creating new user tutorials which are not divided into more parts, you have to follow this template. For creation of tutorial with more parts follow this template: User tutorial template (divided to parts).

The page you are currently looking at, is the main page and only page of tutorial. Just change this intro text to description of the tutorial and use the table below to write steps of the tutorial.

1 Simple cube extract.jpg Step 1 description.
2 Simple cube extract.jpg Step 2 description written in multiple lines with list:
  1. this is first entry of list
  2. tihs is second entry of list
3 Simple cube extract.jpg Step 3 description.

Note: If you want to create a note for user, use this template.

TIP: If you want to create a tip/hint for user, use this template.