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Before putting tutorial on this wiki you have to apply for contribution (check the main Contribution page for more details).

Once you have ability to post tutorial you have to create new page(s) and populate it with content of your tutorial:

  1. Depending on scope of tutorial decide in which category will you put tutorial:
    1. Tutorials/Beginners - if you have complete tutorial for creation of the mod from zero to final working mod package.
    2. Tutorials/Advanced - if you have tutorial describing more particular mod creation or game configuration for example: "How to create your own shifter layout" or "How to alter animation for truck & use it in game".
    3. Tutorials/SCS Blender Tools - if you have tutorial which uses mostly or only SCS Blender Tools, like: "How to setup light mask for a truck" or "How to setup & export multiple SCS Game Objects".
    4. Tutorials/SCS Workshop Uploader - if you have tutorial for SCS Workshop Uploader application usage.
    5. Tutorials/Map Editor - if you have tutorial for Map Editor usage.
    Let's say we pick category: "Advanced"
  2. Decide what will be title of your tutorial. Let's say our tutorial name will be: "My tutorial"
  3. Create main tutorial page by typing URL into address bar: "<category>/<my_tutorial_name>" and then click on "Create" tab (placed on top-right part of the page). So our case that would be typing in URL: " tutorial" and then using "Create" button.
  4. Now depending on your tutorial you have two options:
    1. For tutorial which will be separated into more parts, use contents of User tutorial template (divided to parts) and also create tutorial parts subpages like in given template.
    2. For tutorial in one piece, use contents of template page: User tutorial template and no extra subpage creation is needed.